• Portuguese Trails

    Portuguese Trails

    If you’re keen on biking or walking, you’ll have a unique experience in Portugal. 3.759 km of certified trails, by the sea, between the mountains, from North to South, the

  • Portuguese Waves

    Portuguese Waves

    Portugal has waves in every corner, 365 days per year. Covering more than 1800 km, the Portuguese coastline boasts over 200 different types of waves, suitable for all levels of

  • Portuguese Greens

    Portuguese Greens

    If you’d like to play golf in the most stunning landscapes, Portugal is the place to go. Portugal has 91 courses to choose from, an all-year round mild climate and

  • Sketch Tour Portugal – Azores

    Sketch Tour Portugal – Azores

    The Sketch Tour Portugal arrived to the Azores where the host sketcher, Alexandra Baptista, takes the guest sketcher, Jenny Adam on a beautiful trip around these magical islands. More information

  • Portugal: Luxury Destination

    Portugal: Luxury Destination

    Luxury may be gold and diamonds, but it can also be found in every last detail: on a long sandy beach, in the crystal clear sea water, in the depth

  • Sketch Tour Portugal – Fátima

    Sketch Tour Portugal – Fátima

    The Sketch Tour Portugal kicked off in Fátima, for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Apparitions of Our Lady of Fátima, in May 2017. Stay tuned to see

  • Sketch Tour Portugal – The beginning

    Sketch Tour Portugal – The beginning

    VisitPortugal invited 22 urban sketchers from all over the world to visit Portugal and portray our country through their own drawings. The Sketch Tour Portugal will last for 12 months

  • Can’t skip Us, Can’t Skip Portugal

    Can’t skip Us, Can’t Skip Portugal

    Life passes us by, time slips through our fingers. Decide your next stop, pick your next destination. Can’t skip life. Can’t skip us. Can’t skip Portugal. Playlist “Can’t Skip Portugal”:

  • Can’t Skip Freedom

    Can’t Skip Freedom

    Jack is a man who thinks life is slipping through his fingers. He can hardly breathe, he feels overwhelmed by his daily routine. He sets off to see a new

  • Can’t Skip Inspiration

    Can’t Skip Inspiration

    Chloe is a young lady who’s tired of feeling uninspired with life. She wants joy, she wants enthusiasm, she wants beauty. She leaves for a place where she finds herself