The Portuguese Government has launched a programme that opens vacant public property to private investment through public tendering, aiming the renovation and use of state heritage properties throughout the country, namely through conversion into hotels.

This project is called ‘REVIVE’ and it includes 33 public properties, that can be seen in

The model is based in concessions and the surface rights basis that can last between 30 and 50 years, depending on the building.

At the moment, it is running the public tender in relation to a historic building in the city of Guarda allowing the right to install and explore a hotel unit.



The building known as “Hotel Turismo da Guarda” is a former hotel with strong presence in the city of Guarda, situated in the heart of the city, close to the historical area, being, for its history and architecture, one of its ex libris.

It was built in 1936 by a municipal initiative, with a project by the architect Vasco Regaleira, following a public tender regarding a “model hotel” for the various regions of the country, launched by the “Commissariat of Tourism”.

The Hotel opened in 1947 and was expanded in 1958 reaching a total of 2 suites and 101 rooms, besides a restaurant, bar, swimming pool and a small garden.

The building has a regionalist image based on the “Portuguese Houses” model, defended by the Architect Raúl Lino and with personal guidance from Engineer Duarte Pacheco, then Minister of Public Works and Communication. It presents a marked rhythm of pilasters and architectural elements in granite.



Implanted in the mountainous landscape of Serra da Estrela, 1056 meters above sea level, Guarda is the highest city in Portugal, enclosing in its walls more than 800 years of history.

Officially founded by King D. Sancho I in the 12th century, it is, besides a historical city and the highest of Portugal, also known for the salubrity and the purity of the air which justifies being traditionally known as a city of health and well-being, along with cultural, sports and leisure facilities, making this mountain land one of the best places to live and visit!

It also has an exceptional location in the Center – North of the country, being the main city in a network of road links that enhance its modern Business Initiative Logistics Platform and its renewed Industrial Park: the highway 25 connects Guarda to Aveiro, Porto and the border with Spain, connecting directly to Madrid, the highway 23 connects Guarda to Lisbon and the south of Portugal, and the road IP2 links it to the region of Trás-os-Montes, namely Bragança.

At the railway level, it has the Beira Baixa line and the Beira Alta line, which is completely electrified, allowing the circulation of regional, national and international trains, constituting “the main railway axis for the transportation of passengers and goods to the center of Europe “, with connection to Hendaye (France, via Salamanca-Valladolid-Burgos).

Guarda is known as the city of the five F’s: “Forte” (strong: marked by the granite landscape and the city walls), “Farta” (abundant: with its fertile valleys and waterways) “Fria” (cold: with a mountain climate and winter snow that paints the city in white), “Fiel” (faithful: characteristic of the history of its people) and “Formosa” (beautiful: it has one of the most beautiful and best preserved patrimony built in the country).

The city of Guarda is also the gateway to a region to be discovered, where intersect routes of the Historical Villages, of the Frontier Castles, the route of the Jewry and the Prehistory of the country.



  • The opening of the public tender with previous qualification of candidates was published in the 1st of august in the portuguese official jornal (Diário da República), at:


  • Interested investors have 42 days to submit their applications (until September 11th)


  • Qualified candidates have then 60 days to submit their proposals


  • Property may be visited during this period.




Main conditions of the tender:

  • Surface rights basis that will last for 50 (fifty) years;


  • Minimum monthly rent of € 5.225,00, benefiting of a 4 years grace period;


  • The opening of the Hotel Unit to the public has to occur in the maximum period of 4 (four) years from the date of delivery of the property;


  • The hotel unit must occupy more than 50% of the property, being admitted the exploration of complementary activities in the remain area;


  • The qualification of the candidates is made by the financial capacity criteria;


  • The adjudication will be given to the proposal that is economically more beneficial to the contracting authority, in accordance with predefined criteria (rent, uses given to the property and provision of areas and technical equipment suitable for the development of training projects is majored).


For more information, please contact the contracting authority through