Walk&Talk Azores Festival the Atlantic creative nature

Walk&Talk, the Azores International Public Art Festival, returns between July 17th and August 1ST, for its fifth edition. More than 60 creators from around the world will gather to enrich with 20 new interventions the local public art circuit, an open-air museum with more than 80 pieces that have been created during the past editions of the festival. Artistic residencies, exhibitions, workshops, talks, music, performances and cinema, complete this year’s program and will be presented in several locations and cultural spaces on São Miguel Island.

From visual arts to performing arts and architecture, Walk&Talk Festival is based on an artistic residency model that encourages creation in permanent dialogue with public space, local culture and population. It defies the concepts of high and low culture, of central and peripheral artistic contexts by gathering new talents with well-know contemporary artists and by intersecting different universes, usually parallels and not communicants, within the arts and culture universe.

Artists like Alexandre Farto aka Vhils, Pastel, Brad Downey, Never 2501, André da Loba or Filippo Minelli will share Walk&Talk´s public art circuit line-up with other prominent artists, from murals to temporary art installations and architecture projects.

Walk&Talk’s Art Residency Program includes nine thematic artistic residencies in different areas of expression like contemporary dance, performance, arts and crafts, architecture, photography, video, design and land art. The program hosts 25 artists and will also gather prominent Portuguese creators, such us choreographer Luís Guerra, photographer Sandra Rocha and designer Nuno Coelho, with Azorean collectives, artists and artisans to explore and develop collaborative projects to be presented during the festival.

Alongside these projects, the Walk&Talk Gallery is the meeting point between creators and the public. The major laboratory of the festival’s activities, hosts a daily program with areas dedicated to the presentation of art projects as well as work and creation spaces for its educational program.

A collective exhibition curated by João Pedro Vale and Nuno Alexandre Ferreira will join 17 portuguese artists to address issues related to movement of people and goods in a globalized system, where the emotional part and the sense of belonging to a particular place turns out to be a constraint. Other names like Seattle neo-soul/rap duo THEESatisfaction, New York collective Cherly or La Flama Blanca will perform in the space, crossing music, visual and performing arts.

In and out doors, either by the hand of local talent or by creators travelling especially to the Atlantic region to participate in the festival, during the 16 days that Walk&Talk takes place, the island of São Miguel becomes an open stage for multiple expressions of contemporary art, fostering an environment favorable to artistic sharing and co-creation, features that have become the trademarks of the event.

Walk&Talk Festival is part of the Azorean growing cultural dynamics and has become one of its most celebrated projects by highlighting “creative nature” as a spontaneous expression of the region unique beauty and landscape, helping to promote it as a must-visit destination for artists and people who follow the international cultural scene.

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About Walk&Talk Azores Festival:

  • Established in 2011, Walk&Talk Festival has contributed since its first edition to position Azores as a destination point in the international art and culture calendar;
  • The main objectives of the event are to value the Azorean culture, promote respect for heritage and the art education of the local population, fostering new expressions and aesthetics, affirming the street as an inhabited space, attended and participated – the ideal venue for sharing art and culture;
  • Gathers a public art circuit and a dynamic program with artist residencies, exhibitions and other events developed by new creators and well-known contemporary artists in a permanent dialogue with local culture and community;
  • Its bold, collaborative and genuine character resulted in the creation of a living and democratic museum on the island of São Miguel, composed of more than eighty pieces of public art by Portuguese and foreign artists;
  • The festival is supported by the Azores Government, through the Tourism, Cultural and of Youth Regional Councils, the Municipalities of Ponta Delgada and Ribeira Grande, and other public and private partners, including local businesses and citizens who donate, among other goods, spaces for the artistic interventions;
  • For more information, please visit: www.walktalkazores.org or www.facebook.com/walktalkazores

About the Anda&Fala – Cultural Association:

  • Non-profit cultural association dedicated to the promotion of the public space and social action through art, responsible for Walk&Talk Festival;
  • It was founded in 2011 with the vision of fostering and promoting the Azores through cultural investment, catalyzing contemporary artistic expressions that are not usually explored in peripheral and island contexts;
  • The association assumes an active role in developing regional creative and cultural industries, highlighting this as a strategic sector for the Azores social and economic growth;
  • Works in partnership with other local entities and cultural associations, which compose the Festival’s creative network, contributing to the value of the Azores ecosystem as a co-creator agent.


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Walk&Talk Azores Festival the Atlantic creative nature