Portugal has a record month in travel with double-digit growth

The month of May exceeded expectations regarding tourism revenues in Portugal. Comparing with the same record setting period last year, revenue increased by 12.3%. The balance of tourism revenue grew 16.7% and represented 61% positive revenue of the services balance for Portugal.

As to the US market, the Azores, Madeira and the Centro Region stood out as the locations that received more guests. Algarve, Porto and Alentejo also saw growth while Lisbon was flat.

- Regarding the account balance on tourism revenue the numbers are impressive with growth of 16.7%, while the accumulated value from January to May was 13.3%.
- The balance of tourism revenue of almost 1.9 billion euros represented 61% of the positive revenue on the services balance.
- The tourism revenue grew 12.3% in May, accumulating on the first five months a value of 10.2% and more than 910.5 million euros. Much higher than the previous record of 2013.
- Regarding the month of May the fastest growing indicators are profits in Hotel business (+18.9%) Balance of tourism revenue, RevPar (14.9%) and Tourism revenue.
- Company profit indicators almost make the quantitative indicators pale, but these were equally as good with Guest visitors growing up to 14.5% and overnights 12.3%.

The State Secretary for Tourism, Adolfo Mesquita Nunes, said that “this numbers confirm the important contribution of the Tourism sector to balance the external economy. Tourism represented more than 60% of the positive revenue on the balance of services, 41.5% of the services revenue and 9.5% of the total of current revenues.”

According to Mesquita Nunes, the numbers also confirm that the modifications made last year to the promotion strategy were the right ones to make and also visitors are spending more money, which makes the tourism industry more profitable.

“All of those that rush to undermine tourism as an economy sector should look at this number”

Portugal has a record month in travel with double-digit growth