New route for historic Cafes in Portugal

The Historic Cafes Association has a new route called “Rota dos Cafes com Historia”, a new itinerary through the historic cafes that have major tourism importance in their region and “still manage to preserve its identity, traditions and memories,” as stated by the Association.

These cafes also have within them the responsibility of “providing unique and differentiating experiences to the visitor and creating new memories and traditions for future generations.” In this way they contribute to offer the tourist a unique product and experience.

In this new Route there are some of the most famous Cafes in Portugal: The Brasileira do Chiado, Martinho da Arcada, Pastelaria Versailles, Pastelaria Benard, Pasteis de Belém, Confeitaria Nacional, Café Nicola, all located in Lisbon. The Café Aviz, Café Piolho, Majestic and Guarany located in Porto.

In addition there is the Café S. Gonçalo, in Amarante, Café Milenário and Tecto do Mercúrio, in Guimarães, A Brasileira and Café Vianna, in Braga, Pastelaria Gomes in Vila Real, Café Paraíso in Tomar, Café Alentejano, in Portalegre. Cadeia Quinhentista in Estremoz, Café Arcada in Évora, Café Calcinha in Loulé or the Café Santa Cruz in Coimbra.

New route for historic Cafes in Portugal