• Financial Times – Alentejo

    Financial Times – Alentejo

    Away from it all By Fiona MacLeod A guest lodge owner tells how he was seduced by the unspoilt landscape of Portugal’s sparsely populated Alentejo region Read full article

  • Guimarães, Capital of Culture 2012

    Guimarães, Capital of Culture 2012

    Guimarães holds a very special place in Portuguese affections It was in this medieval castle that Afonso Henriques was born. Within sight of its high walls, he would defeat the

  • Wonders of Portugal

    Wonders of Portugal

    On July 7, 2007, the new seven Wonders of the World were revealed in Lisbon. On the same date, the Wonders of Portugal were also chosen. Discover them all here

  • Cities and Discovories

    Cities and Discovories

    Tour the cities that tell the story of the ‘Discoverers’, Portugal’s great seafaring explorers All along the country’s Atlantic coast, you’ll find the cities from which the great Portuguese navigators

  • Fado, Humanity Heritage

    Fado, Humanity Heritage

    A shawl, a guitar, a voice and heartfelt emotion. These are the ingredients of Fado, the celebrated form of world music that captures what it is to be Portuguese Fado

  • Border Castles

    Border Castles

    The frontier castles have stood since the birth of the Portuguese nation Listen to ancient stories of heroic deeds and glorious battles while discovering the remains of buildings that tell

  • SATA Airlines Azores Islands Pro

    SATA Airlines Azores Islands Pro

    In September, come and see the exhibitions of the world’s best surfers during the SATA Airlines Azores Islands Pro, which takes place in São Miguel. This event is part of

  • Rip Curl Pro Portugal

    Rip Curl Pro Portugal

    In October, journey to Peniche to watch the world’s top professional surfing competition. With participation by the world’s leading surfers, Rip Curl Pro Portugal – a competition included within the

  • Guimarães 2012

    Guimarães 2012

    The city of Guimarães is Europe’s Capital of Culture in 2012. Come and visit the town, where you will find a vibrant creative energy, the place where anything can happen.

  • Eturbo News – Madeira

    Eturbo News – Madeira

    Making the most of Madeira By Paul Bernhardt Set like a sparkling emerald in an aquamarine quilt, Madeira nestles in the Atlantic Ocean 620 miles southwest of the European continent,