• Livraria Lello – Lançamento de “Harry Potter e a criança amaldiçoada” foi um sucesso

    7 月 31 日凌晨,《哈利·波特与被诅咒的孩子》第一、二部剧本书的全球首发仪式于葡萄牙波尔图市的莱罗书 店(Livraria Lello)成功举办。《哈利·波特与被诅咒的孩子》是风靡全球的《哈利·波特》系列丛书的最新作 品,由英国作家杰克·索恩(Jack Thorne)在原著作者 J.K.罗琳已完结的作品基础上再创作而成。 英国作家 J.K.罗琳所打造的《哈利·波特》魔法世界,从小说到电影,问世的十余年间已成为全球现象级作品, 形成庞大的魔法粉丝群。今夏,伴随着舞台剧所推出的第八本《哈利·波特》丛书,使得魔法热潮再度席卷全球。 “被诅咒的孩子”故事发生于“死亡圣器”故事结束后的第 19 年,讲述的是原著主人公哈利·波特最小的儿子 阿布思·西弗勒斯·波特(Albus Severus Potter)的故事。 当地时间 7 月 30 日午夜,当波尔图市的著名历史建筑牧师塔的大钟敲响 7 月 31 日的第一声钟响时,莱罗书 店为所有读者敞开大门,全世界的哈迷们可以第一时间购买到最新的英语版图书。 为营造全球首发仪式氛围,自晚上 10

  • Pokémon Go Brought to life in Lisbon!

    • Hostelworld chooses Lisbon as its filming location for the third time The Dublin based Company challenged backpackers from around the world to ‘catch’ Pikachu in real life This summer,

  • Festival Birdwatching: Programme and registrations already available

    The 7th edition of the Birdwatching Festival & Nature Activities have more than 300 activities and will begin earlier this year, at the end of September With a new website,

  • Faro Airport creates new spaces for passengers who love Cycling in Algarve

    Seeking to support the sustainability of the Cycling & Walking tourism product, to elevate the passenger’s experience in Faro Airport and to effectively meet the supply and demand requirements of

  • Nieuwe serie Toeristische Routegidsen Werelderfgoed

    De “Toeristische Routegidsen Werelderfgoed” zijn een initiatief van het Portugees Bureau voor Toerisme. Ze promoten routes langs monumenten en locaties die door de UNESCO tot erfgoed van de mensheid zijn

  • Exploring Portugal by Bike

    Exploring Portugal by Bike

    Portugal has become an emerging a destination for cyclists due to a variety of reasons: Proximity to the US; Diverse landscapes; Mild climate; Quiet roads; Great food and reasonable prices.

  • New Series of World Heritage Guide Books Explores Portugal

    Portugal’s World Heritage Sites are the focus of a new World Heritage Guide Book series with a focus on Lisbon, Sintra, Évora and Elvas. The series is part of an

  • Motorcycle touring in Portugal (yes Portugal)

    Motorcycle touring in Portugal (yes Portugal)

    Portugal, with its winding seashore, is no stranger to the comings and goings of ships throughout history. This helps explain Portugal’s own openness to travelers, and to the world itself,

  • (English) Portugal : le fabuleux voyage du supporter malheureux

    08-16 Voyage supporter FR

  • (English) Les plages connectées wifi au Portugal

    (English) Les plages connectées wifi au Portugal

    Les plages portugaises connectées