7 Reasons to Visit Lisbon Right Now

Not that you need them, but like Lisbon’s mythical seven hills there are now “7 Reasons to Visit Lisbon Right Now” from Condé Nast Traveler. Certainly, Lisbon has racked up the accolades and media attention in recent months- but it is always great to get one writer’s perspective on why this is the time to visit the city on the Tejo.

Oneika Raymond writes: Forget Paris and Rome—travelers in the know are going gaga for Lisbon. Once one of Western Europe’s most underrated capitals, Portugal‘s largest city is suddenly on everybody’s radar, and not a moment too soon. Here are a few reasons you should pack your bags and head over as soon as possible.

So why go now? The article highlights the value, food, climate, nightlife, beauty and proximity to beaches as well as the monumental royal town of Sintra.

But we might take some license and add a few other points: Lisbon in close, just 5 hours from New York. Lisbon is easy to get around in with a great systems of trolleys, Metro and buses. And, Lisbon is the hub for a modern rail network that can take you (in less time than it would be take drive) to most of Portugal’s other cities and regions. And, then there is the Fado, that haunting song that so very Portuguese, the coffee that is worth the trip –and let’s not forget those wonderful pastries. So, see you on the next flight!


7 Reasons to Visit Lisbon Right Now