“Portal dos Descobrimentos” is now online

The Algarve Tourism Board announced recently that the portal is online and functioning, asserting itself as a virtual museum, “Descubriter –The European Route of Discoveries.” It joins the Algarve and Andaluzia in a single tourist route created to promote the culture, history, and heritage of the two regions. “This virtual museum focuses on the maritime heritage of the Portuguese and the Spanish and hopes to attract web surfers who may in turn visit the area,” words of the Tourism Board in a press conference.

It can be found at www.portaldescobrimentos.pt and offers documents, videos, and a chronological map used to identify sailing routes, famed explorers, and specific events of the long distance voyages from the XV century to XVII. There is also a subfolder with interesting trivia facts.

The majority of the website’s content is already online, but more will be added through the year, and also the Spanish and English versions will be up and working.

“This historically accurate portal has educational and tourist goals. We hope that by spreading the word online, people’s curiosity may be piqued and they will hopefully visit the area and see evidence of these things with their own eyes in both the Algarve and Andaluzia regions, and the entire Luso-Spanish heritage associated with these epic times,” said Desidério Silva, president of the Algarve Tourism Board.

“Portal dos Descobrimentos” is now online