Palácio de Queluz vai voltar a ser azul

Parques de Sintra has installed a scaffold with protective screening on the central section of the main façade overlooking the Hanging Gardens at the National Palace of Queluz, which allows foreseeing what is thought to be the palace’s original decoration, according to recent investigations.

Behind this screen, a study is being carried out – the most thorough yet conducted – of the various elements that make up the façades of the Palace of Queluz. The façades are severely degraded and have been painted in different colours and tones over time. The section under study will be completely restored, and tests of materials, techniques and decorative compositions will be carried out, after which they will be analysed and applied to the remaining sections.

Thorough research and discussions among those who have been dealing with this question for more than 20 years have led to a conclusion about the original colour. Laboratory analyses of plaster samples and investigations of documents and old drawings and photographs leave no room for doubt: the Palace of Queluz, at least its façades facing the gardens, was blue.

Queluz is the most important example of Portuguese Baroque architecture from the second half of the 18th century. Although situated a short distance away from Lisbon and easily accessible, it is not well known by local and international visitors. This is due mainly to its degraded state, which needs to be reversed.

Palácio de Queluz vai voltar a ser azul