Rural tourism in Azores has grown 23.2% in 2013

Last year, the number of rural tourism stays in the Azores grew by 23.2% between January and September, according to recent data released by the Regional Service of Statistics of Azores (SREA – Serviço Regional de Estatística dos Açores).

SREA data show that, for the first time, this tourist segment had more than a million euros in revenue, adding up to 1.177 million euros, more 19.4% than in same period in 2012.

Concerning the stays, SREA shows that foreigners in the Azorean rural tourism units represent 79.3%. The German market was the biggest choosing the Azores, a growth of 4.5% between January and September  2013, comparing to the same period in the year before.

Faial was the island with a greater increase in stays up to 26.2%, followed by São Miguel, which had an increase of 25.8% while Terceira island had growth of 16.6%.

The occupancy rate of these units had its peak in July and August reaching an average of 49%, lowering it to 20% in September.  January and February got the lowest rates around 3%.

Rural tourism in Azores has grown 23.2% in 2013